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The story of La Trota begins between the water and the greenery of the Santa Susanna spring where, in the 1960s, Emilio and Rolanda Serva decided to open a Trattoria on the river bank.

Rolanda cooked her home made pasta in the cauldron on the fireplace, Emilio grilled trout and local meats.

Emilio and Rolanda Serva
Maurizio and Sandro Serva

...handed down for generations...

Family and territory. These are the pillars that have always characterized us.

In the eighties Sandro and Maurizio, self-taught born and raised in the restaurant, take the reins of the family restaurant and begin a path of growth and research, with a fresh water menu, focused on fish such as eel, trout, perch and carp. A path that will lead La Trota to become a reference point for lake cuisine in Italy and beyond.

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...and evolves with them

Today, Amedeo and Michele bring the freshness of their ideas both in the kitchen and in the service, and propose a vision of the experience in which the kitchen is supported by a true, warm and spontaneous welcome, transmitting the same passion and the same energy of the cooks and their brigade.

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Amedeo and Michele Serva

The Frame

Nature reserve,
mental reserve

The colors of the nature of the Reserve of the Lakes subside inside, in the harmony of white.

Great goals are never achieved by a single person, but always by a group.


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